L'Oréal Research Scholarship provides outstanding postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are permanent residents of Hong Kong or Macau with a unique opportunity of exposure to the research environment in France through participation in research work at Institut Pasteur, a world leader in basic biological and biomedical research as well as a renowned teaching centre.

This internship will better prepare students and postdoctoral fellows  for future long-term professional development and career in scientific research, especially candidates with intention to pursue research studies in France at the doctoral or postdoctoral level.


L'Oréal Research Scholarship


L'Oréal Research Scholarship brochure 2014

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The Call for Applications for 2015 is now closed!

Thank you for your applications and congratulations to our 2015 Laureates!

Please chaeck this website for the call for applications in 2016.

Applications' guidelines are described here.

Interested candidates are invited to visit this website and to identify host laboratories. If you are, for instance, parasitology, flagellum formation and function and the dynamics of trypanosome infections in vivo you may consider Philippe BASTIN's lab. To help you in your search, you can type any keywords in the below search field.

Over 35 leading scientits have joined this programme. However any principal investigator at Institut Pasteur is eligible. If the principal investigator is not listed on this website, prospective students and postdoctoral fellows are advised to contact us first at


Results announcement

Meet Karen, Sarah, Felice and Peter our laureates in 2015.

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Results Announcement 2014

01 Mar 14

Our distinguished Selection Committee has evaluated and selected candidates according to...

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